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09.05.2023 - 12.05.2023
Country: Germany
City: Munich
Industry: Aerospace, Airport Technology

air cargo Europe

Air cargo Europe places itself in the upper strata of the aerospace transportation industry and attracts the movers and shakers of air logistics from around the world. Both an international conference and exhibition, the event is poised to attract close to 2000 exhibitors and more 55,000 trade visitors. You’re in luck with your hotel booking online as Go Fair ltd knows all the great discounts and promotions in Hamburg.

Go Fair ltd is indispensable when it comes to finding hotels for air cargo Europe that fit your specifications ideally. We know exactly what you need – exceptional comfort, a phenomenal price and most important of all, hotels close to air cargo Europe! We deliver on this promise. Having secured your accommodation, you can focus on your visit. As a crucial event, this conference takes on the current challenges facing the logistics sector and features over 200 of the most eminent experts on the subject. The exhibition portion focuses on innovative mobility and IT solutions, and of course gives you unprecedented access to the senior representatives of airports, agents and logistics companies.