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13.09.2022 - 17.09.2022
Country: Germany
City: Stuttgart
Industry: Metal Working Industries


AMB is the international exhibition for metal working with a clear focus on the future of technology and the breakthroughs and innovations in manufacturing equipment and processes as presented by over 1300 international exhibitors. The event attracts over 88,000 professional visitors coming to Stuttgart, Germany, for the duration of five days between September 15th and September 19th. With numbers like these it’s best to start looking for a hotel room as early as possible and have Go Fair ltd take charge of your hotel booking.

Go Fair ltd works exclusively with travelling businesspeople and has developed a database of hotels in Stuttgart that best service your needs. All you have to do is give us your specific requirements and will tailor an offer just for you. We work with hotels in every price category so we secure a hotel room that always fits your budget and gives you access to local public transport for extra mobility. You can request to be positioned close to the AMB centre or choose a remote location that gives you the time to recharge.