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Upcoming Dates

24.01.2022 - 27.01.2022
Country: UAE
City: Dubai
Industry: Health Professionals, Medical Equipment and Technologies

Arab Health

Arab Health will be going hybrid for its 2021 edition. The digital dates are May 23rd to July 22nd while the in-person event dates are from June 21st to June 24th. The Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE, will be hosting the physical event amidst strict, robust COVID-19 safety measures. 

A Brief Look

Arab Health defines itself as the leading international exhibition for healthcare in the Middle East and through the emphasis falls on the region, the event remains global with an increase in the numbers of specialists coming to survey the latest medical trends from all over the world. First held in 1977, it’s staged every year at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre and each edition brings an even higher turnout. Last year, the show welcomed over 78,000 trade visitors to the dedicated exhibition space of over 64,000 square feet to see products from 4176 exhibitors.

An Industry Profile 

Contributing to the success of Arab Health is the dedication to representing the healthcare industry in its entirety. Healthcare manufacturers, tradesmen, organisations and professionals all gather to experience cutting-edge solutions across multiple categories such as laboratory equipment, dental instruments, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, rehabilitation equipment and diagnostics. The must-visit stop in the program is the Innovation Showcase that’s all about what’s new and experimental. The brilliant minds here will tell you all about strides made in artificial intelligence, disease management devices, healthcare start-up companies, smart watches, mobile device accessories and fitness trackers.

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