Country: Austria
City: Dornbirn
Industry: Art and Antiques





ART BODENSEE 2019 is among the most popular artists trade shows that sees international talent exhibited by the top galleries around the world. The art exhibition comes to Dornbirn, Austria, and lasts for three days with its doors opening on June 28th and closing on June 30th with more than 5,300 trade visitors making their way to the event. Plan your stay early and get Go Fair ltd to secure your hotel booking before anyone else with ease.

Go Fair ltd has been on the forefront of the business travel sector and provides you with fully customizable services that match your needs. You tell us what you look for in your hotels for ART BODENSEE 2019 and we send you a list with hand-selected hotels in Dornbirn in less than an hour. What we provide are strategic locations that are close to local public transport as well as preferential rates, which accommodate every budget. Whether you wish to be close to the ART BODENSEE 2019 exhibition centre or in a quiet part of the city, we have the right room for you.