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Upcoming Dates

17.02.2022 - 20.02.2022
Country: Germany
City: Karlsruhe
Industry: Art and Antiques


art KARLSRUHE arrives yet again with an even richer collection of works of art – anywhere from classical art and antiques to contemporary art that pushes the boundaries. The international trade fair is taking place in Klassische, Germany. Numbers are strong and predictions place galleries at over 200, artworks at over 10,000 and visitors at 50,000. Don’t leave your online hotel reservation for trade fairs at the last possible moment and get your bookings for art KARLSRUHE right now from Go Fair ltd.

Go Fair ltd specializes in business travel and knows precisely what you need – the right rate and the right location. Send us your price range and we’ll be certain to curate a list with hotels close to art KARLSRUHE. All you need to do is have your pick. It’s that simple. The result will be saved resources and shorter commute, which allow you to purchase more. There will be every art style, movement and medium represented from classical landscape to fine sculptures and photography. Meet with art critics, gallery owners and emerging talent from all over the region and the world.