Art Nocturne Knocke

Upcoming Dates

10.08.2019 - 18.08.2019
Country: Belgium
City: Knokke
Industry: Art and Antiques

Art Nocturne Knocke

Art Nocturne Knocke dedicates itself to curating the best art pieces from around the globe for the world to see fully side by side. The international art and antiques fair is being staged in Knokke, Belgium, and has prepared a diverse assembly of collection by top galleries that lasts for nine whole days. The event kicks off on August 10th and concludes on August 18th with thousands expected to attend. Make sure you don’t have to compete with anyone for the best rooms and leave planning your business trip to Go Fair ltd.

Go Fair ltd has simplified the booking process, so you’re able to find the best hotels for Art Nocturne Knocke in less than an hour. Working with countless professionals on the road has allowed us to develop a flexible service that taps into an expansive network of hotels in Knokke. You tell us what your business stay should look like and we do the search for you. The most popular request we get is to locate people strategically close to the event’s grounds, so commuting is easy, but we can also accommodate you in picturesque parts of Knokke for some needed relaxation.