Country: Germany
City: Freiburg
Industry: Automotive Industry, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Railway Industry





AUTOMOBIL 2019 is a cars exhibition, which brings together more than 100 international exhibitors to showcase their best models and display tools and tuning services. The event is coming to Freiburg, Germany, for three days with a program that starts on March 8th and concludes on March 10th. Organizers expect for over 23,0000 trade visitors and enthusiasts to attend, so plan your business trip early on and hire Go Fair ltd to make your online booking before anyone else.

Go Fair ltd has been working with business travelers for years and provides you with a service that tailors your stay according to your specifications. Booking hotels for AUTOMOBIL 2019 takes less than an hour thanks to our vast database of hotels in Freiburg, which cater to travel budgets of all sizes and covers every preference in location. You tell us what you need and we do the rest. We can locate you close to the AUTOMOBIL 2019 exhibition grounds for better networking opportunities, but we can also find you a hotel in a quiet part of town. In the end, you get a hotel room that fits your price range and connects you to local public transport.