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Upcoming Dates

20.04.2022 - 23.04.2022
Country: Taiwan
City: Taipei
Industry: Electronics, Real Time & Embedded Systems

AutoTronics Taipei

If you’ve ever considered to make a name for yourself in the automobile electronics sector in Southern Asia, then AutoTronics Taipei is right where you have to be to get your money’s worth. This international exhibition boasts a large scope with over 1200 exhibitors and thousands upon thousands of visitors. Get your hotel booking online early before the rise in pricing and find the best deals through Go Fair ltd. 

Go Fair ltd is your shortcut to bookings for AutoTronics Taipei, because we have the experience and the extensive network of establishments all over the world. You give us a budget, a number of rooms you need and a choice in location and we make a bespoke list with hotels close to AutoTronics Taipei that match your needs. It’s that simple. Now you’ve an easier time planning for the event. The exhibition features the latest models in just about every product category from auto parts and accessories to engine parts, chassis, frames and tires. It’s the perfect platform to launch a new product or introduce an already successful one to a new audience.