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Upcoming Dates

04.05.2022 - 06.05.2022
Country: Austria
City: Vienna
Industry: Children, Toy, Games


Due to the ongoing pandemic, Baby Expo 2021 has been cancelled. The fair will take place instead in May 2022. The format will be in person with a strident COVID-19 prevention plan in place. 

BABY EXPO allows you to find all for the young family with ease as more than 220 big exhibitioners take the stands to showcase the best products and trends. The international trade fair and exposition comes to Vienna, Austria, for three days in June with activities. Organizers predict that more than 20,000 visitors will attend, so act fast when it comes to your online hotel booking and hire Go Fair ltd to take charge of all your travel arrangements.

Finding hotels for BABYEXPO is a simple process when you work with Go Fair ltd. Years of experience have helped us develop a service that tailors your stay according to your taste and goals. Our efficiency lies within our vast network of hotels in Vienna, so all you need to do is tell us how you imagine your accommodation and we present you the best offers in less than an hour. You have choices between hotels close to the exhibition centre for easier commuting, but you can check in any part of the city based on your preference. All the best prices.