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18.02.2022 - 20.02.2022
Country: Germany
City: Giesen
Industry: Architecture, Building, Construction, Urban Equipment


BAUExpo allows you to learn the technological innovations and breakthroughs in the building and construction industry with over 340 companies sharing their latest products at a building exhibition of great international importance. Staged in Giessen, Germany, the event lasts for four days. Organizers expect for more than 16,500 trade visitors to attend, so be proactive in your business trip planning and have Go Fair ltd make your online booking.

Go Fair ltd has simplified the hotel booking process to allow you to create a custom service package that reflects your taste and preferences. You gain access to our database of hotels in Giessen in order to find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you seek to be located close to the BAUExpo exhibition grounds or want to balance your stay by checking in a hotel that sits in a picturesque part of the city, the choice is yours. When it comes to finding hotels for BAUExpo, what we promise is preferential rates and first-rate connection to local public transport. Enjoy a successful business trip with Go Fair ltd as you travel advisor.