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Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen
Industry: Food & Beverage, Wines

Bite Copenhagen

From rising trends in food and beverages to best practices and solutions for common feeding, Bite Copenhagen remains the chief international trade fair for business in the food and catering industry to exchange experience and stay well-informed about changing tastes. Where is this happening? Copenhagen, Denmark. What are the dates? If you’re attending, now’s the time to secure your bookings for Bite Copenhagen from Go Fair ltd.

Bite Copenhagen dictates everything from quality standards and practices to aesthetics and service and as such attracts companies across every level of the value chain. Participating is a means not only to step into the limelight, but also expand your network and remain relevant. The best way to achieve all your goals is to book hotels near Bella Center – exactly what you get with Go Fair ltd in charge your hotel accommodation for trade fairs. The process is simple. We ask you about the price range, your preference in hotel class and how many beds you need. Running this information through our database, we’re able to create a bespoke list of ideal offers and send it over the very next day!