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Upcoming Dates

26.10.2021 - 29.10.2021
Country: Germany
City: Stuttgart
Industry: Metal Working Industries


A Brief Look

Blechexpo digs deep into the technological progress made into the fields of sheet metal processing has much to offer in terms of innovations to its professional audience with every new edition. The international trade fair traces its roots back to 1994 in Stuttgart and ever since then, it’s hosted once every two years at the Messe Stuttgart. During its first decade, the fair was called Südblech, only to be renamed in 2005 to its current name. There were 1282 exhibitors last edition, which drew close to 40,000 trade visitors.

An Industry Profile

To explain the longevity of the trade fair, we have to understand that Blechexpo is created as a partner to another high-profile event, SCHWEISSTEC, dedicated to advances within the joining technology industry. The two events have been co-located since Blechexpo was first founded and have attracted a largely professional audience from different sectors. Exhibitors showcase a rich assortment of technologies – bending tools, connectors, cutting technologies, cutting tools, hole equipment, forming, matrices, metal, printing tools, profile processing, separation technology and so much more. Except for procurement, there’s more to discover from Exhibitor Forum that sees the latest theories and experimental practices from research institutions to the Blechexpo Award.

Go Fair Takes You There

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