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Upcoming Dates

03.05.2022 - 06.05.2022
Country: Germany
City: Stuttgart
Industry: Safety, Security, Risk Management, Defense, Fire Protection


The next edition will arrive on schedule and take place at Messe Stuttgart in 2022. The dates have been confirmed for May 3th until May 6th and the exhibition grounds will be thoroughly sanitized.

A Brief Introduction

Control is the international trade fair that gives you an in-depth look into the quality assurance sectors with more than 880 exhibitors from 31 countries renting out booths. Innovation sits at the heart of each edition and it’s why over 28,000 professional visitors from 98 countries are enthused to make the trip all the way to Messe Stuttgart. The annually held event creates a moment for the broader industry as it intersects within multiple sectors like measurement technology, laboratory technology, optoelectronics and material handling.

An Industry Profile

Quality assurance has a rather broad definition with multiple implications and applications of the technology, which is why Control is so significant. Each year, organizers lay down the full processing chain down. Display categories cover layer thickness measurement, machine vision, QA data processing, sensors, CNC machines, computer hardware, flexural testing machines, fiber-optic technology, special purpose measuring devices and so much more. Only strengthening its significance is the fact that the fair works closely with major intuitions like the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance, the Fraunhofer IPA, emva - european machine vision association and the German Society for Quality (DGQ) to further research and innovation.

Go Fair Takes You There

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