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24.11.2022 - 26.11.2022
Country: Germany
City: Leipzig
Industry: Architecture, Building, Construction, Urban Equipment


Conservation and old building renovation have become an industry of ever-increasing value for cultural tourism. It’s at DENKMAL 2020 where the leading minds, skilled experts and the biggest companies in the field bring forth their solutions, share experience and exchange ideas for three days starting November 5th and ending on November 7th. Leipzig, Germany will be host and thousands are projected to attend. If you’re on the list, be sure to start early on your search for hotels for DENKMAL 2020. Go Fair ltd can help you with your online hotel reservation for trade fairs. Our service is flexible, efficient and sensitive to your budget.

Go Fair ltd caters to companies of all financial ability and can find you a quiet, low-cost guesthouse in the outskirts as easily as booking you lavish hotels close to DENKMAL 2020. It’s all thanks to our large database of hotels in Leipzig. The right accommodation makes the business trip a success and you want everything to be perfect for DENKMAL 2020 is a crucial event. The fair focuses on a rich variety of topics such as town and village renewal, archaeological conservation of sites and remains, garden and landscape conservation, security technology and technical services for public and private listed buildings.