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Upcoming Dates

26.10.2021 - 29.10.2021
Country: Italy
City: Rimini
Industry: Environmental Protection, Recycling, Water and Waste Management


ECOMONDO rolls around once again with crucial breakthroughs in the field of waste management and recycling. The international trade fair is an important platform that pushes for innovation as well as exchange of experience and updating on latest scientific progress and changes in legislations. Over 1200 companies and 1500 speakers will take the stage on a variety of topics. Get bookings for ECOMONDO while hotel rates are low through Go Fair ltd today! 

When it comes to an online hotel reservation for trade fairs, you need to act fast and get your rooms while there’s availability and prices are low. The closer the event dates are, the more it costs you to visit. This is what Go Fair ltd does. We find hotels close to ECOMONDO in your ideal price range early on. This way you don’t need to pay a lot or commute for long. It gives you an advantage for ECOMONDO, whose program will rely on education and information with 200 conferences scheduled.

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