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Upcoming Dates

09.11.2021 - 12.11.2021
Country: Sweden
City: Jönköping
Industry: Industrial Supplies, Subcontracting

Elmia Subcontractor

The 2021 edition of Elmia Subcontractor, the leading trade fair for subcontractors in Northern Europe, is set to run from November 9th – November 12th at Elmia Exhibition Centre in Jönköping, Sweden. Industry professionals will discuss what it means to work under “business unusual” while guided by COVID-19 prevention protocols.

A Brief Introduction

Is your goal to carve a niche in the subcontracting and industrial supplies in Northern Europe? Then you should be travelling to Elmia Subcontractor, which acts as a procurement platform and a springboard for innovation across all links in the value chain. The international trade show runs on an annual basis at the Elmia Exhibition Centre and admits only professional visitors. The numbers have been growing with 1200 exhibitors from 30 countries expected to present their tech and solutions. The audience has expanded to over 15,000 trade visitors from all over!

An Industry Profile

What do we understand when we talk about subcontracting? That’s the stages in manufacturing or other engineering sectors that move raw materials through a process of the assembly into the finished products. Elmia Subcontractor gives you access to advancements made in all relevant product categories – industrial equipment, industrial machinery, machine components, machine tools, assembly equipment, connection equipment, electronics components, production methods and manufacturing processes to name a few. The environment here is extremely conducive to sell to interested parties, test new markets and gain valuable information in changes to your market. If you are looking for rule breakers, head to the Pop-up Expo to meet start-ups!

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