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21.09.2021 - 23.09.2021
Country: Italy
City: Rimini
Industry: Children, Toy, Games


Receive all the industry news, market trends and technical innovations for the amusement and gaming sectors at ENADA SPRING. This international trade show addresses the most pressing issues, serves as an important platform for the exchange of ideas and gives the stage to top-tier exhibitors. Organizers have prepared for close to 26,000 professionals to visit the exhibition grounds. Take advantage of the many early bird prices and book hotels close to ENADA SPRING at exceptional rates from Go Fair ltd.

ENADA SPRING presents you with a great opportunity to rub elbows with all senior representatives in the industry, gain access to current and potential clients, and learn about trends that will alter the industry. In terms of products, you have slot machines, bingo, billiards, bowling, coin-operated games and amusement rides. When it comes to bookings for ENADA SPRING, leave nothing to chance. Go Fair ltd is the fastest way to get bookings for international trade shows. All it takes is to give us a price range and we’ll find you a killer deal that spares your budget!