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28.08.2021 - 31.08.2021
Industry: Health Professionals, Medical Equipment and Technologies

ESC Congress

!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of ESC Congress has been officially cancelled by the organisers due to coronavirus.

A Brief Introduction

ESC Congress, known as the Congress for the European Society of Cardiology, is the definitive trade fair and congress for all things concerning cardiology. You have the finest minds from around the world come to Paris to discuss the latest in cardiovascular medicine as presented in over 4500 abstracts. What makes this cardiovascular congress such a juggernaut is the impressive attendance rates. Organizers regularly expect the audience to reach 32,000 healthcare professionals with a rich background. The congress represents talent from 150 countries to date. Your visit is akin to crash courses on the latest research, breakthroughs and innovations.

An Industry Profile

You can expect an even more impressive turnout for ESC Congress because its next edition’s going to share the stage with another major event in the field – the World Congress of Cardiology. The synergy between both will generate exciting discussions and exchange of information on a wealth of topics such as prevalence, clinical manifestations, prevention strategies, diagnostic modalities and management of cardiovascular diseases around the world. After all, the main theme next year is going to be about global health. To help meet these goals is a massive program that features 500 expert sessions, 5 days of scientific sessions and 400 cardiology topics.

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