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Country: Germany
City: Karlsruhe
Industry: Decoration, Home & Office Design, Furniture, Lighting


EUNIQUE opens your eyes to the treasures of modern arts and design with more than 320 exhibitors showcasing their expanded collections that encompass every style and medium known to the world. The international trade fair comes to Karlsruhe, Germany. You can expect for over 14,300 art aficionados to visit, so make your online reservations as early as possible with the assistance of Go Fair ltd.

Go Fair ltd is a veteran in the business travel sector and has serviced numerous professionals on the road, so we know exactly what you need in your hotels for EUNIQUE – the right location available at the right price. You have access to our ever-growing network of hotels in Karlsruhe, which accommodate every budget size and location you might prefer. What we’re most known for is locating attendees within walking distance of their exhibition of choice, but we can also check you in establishments that allow you to explore the city in your spare time. All available at prices that save you money and within reach of local public transport.