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Country: Germany
City: Düsseldorf
Industry: Safety, Security, Risk Management, Defense, Fire Protection


EUROCIS concerns itself with IT and security in retail and focuses on the how the latest technological innovations can find application in this sector and ensure the safety of the large retail and shopping centres. Organizers confirm the participation of more than 230 exhibitors in Dusseldorf, Germany, for the duration of the event. You can expect to compete with over 8000 individuals for the best hotel reservation, but you can always be on top with Go Fair ltd.

Go Fair ltd makes booking hotels for EUROCIS a simple process that takes an under an hour with our services. We have serviced business travelers for years on end and have grown a database of hotels in Dusseldorf that cater to budgets of all sizes and tastes. Send us all your requirements and we provide you with a fitting offer that exceeds all your expectations. You check in a hotel room that cuts down commuting time thanks to excellent connections to the local public transport and favorable location and saves on your travel expenses. All benefits to making the most out of your business trip.