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Upcoming Dates

01.11.2022 - 05.11.2022
Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul
Industry: Decoration, Home & Office Design, Furniture, Lighting


EVTEKS 2021 has been cancelled in a move to create a safer edition for exhibitors and visitors. The physical edition is now going to take place in May 2022 at the CNR EXPO. The exhibition grounds will feature comprehensive COVID-19 protective measures and sanitation protocols. 

EVTEKS is the international trade fair that brings you every new trend that’s picking up steam in the home textiles industry. From fabrics to patterns, you get to see more than 1000 exhibitors showcase their best products. Organizers expect for over 125,000 trade visitors to make an appearance, so be prepared with a hotel room before the competition for accommodation begins. Go Fair ltd can help you organize your entire trip in one sitting.

Go Fair ltd has been working in the business travel sector for years and understands what you value in your hotels for EVTEKS – strategic location available at preferential rates. We give you access to a comprehensive database with hotels, which allows you to find the accommodation type you want at prices that are light on your travel expenses. Whether you seek hotels near CNR EXPO, where the event takes place, or wish to see more of the city, we have the perfect match with excellent connections to local public transport. You save time and resources commuting and can dedicate yourself fully to your goals for the fair.