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Upcoming Dates

15.11.2022 - 17.11.2022
Country: France
City: Paris
Industry: Safety, Security, Risk Management, Defense, Fire Protection


Innovations and standards in the safety and security industry are always in flux and the EXPO PROTECTION presents you the opportunity to stay well-informed regarding the trends in the industry and see the latest equipment in action during official demonstrations. Held in Paris, France, the international exhibition will involve over 350 exhibitors and visitors will most likely exceed 21,000 industry insiders. Get your hotel booking online now with help from Go Fair ltd.

Are you uncertain you can find the right hotels for EXPO PROTECTION on your own and in time while prices are low? Go Fair ltd works with a large database of hotels in Paris and we cater to every taste. Whether you’re invested in hotels close to EXPO PROTECTION or prefer low-cost options further away, but serviced but public transport, we have you covered! You need the perfect accommodation to make the most out of the exhibition, which is broken down in five major areas: prevention, protection and emergency, workwear, natural hazards, and industrial and technological risks. The focus of the event will be innovations and the awards planned will celebrate the best of the best!