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Upcoming Dates

31.05.2022 - 03.06.2022
Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Industry: Books, Paper, Printing, Graphic Design


COVID-19 Event And Venue Update

FESPA 2022 will take place at Messe Berlin between 31.05.2022 and 03.06.2022. FESPA 2022 will coincide with the European Sign Expo 2022 and the Sportswear Pro 2022. The latest edition of the event will take place as a face-to-face exhibition. The venue will have strict Covid-19 prevention measures in place. The safety measures which will be put in place at the venue include the following:

  • All participants of the fair must pre-register. This is necessary to observe the number of attendees as well as for contact tracing purposes. 
  • All attendees should book their tickets in advance. This is needed to prevent congestions and possible infections at the parking terminal. 
  • Attendees can enter the venue after providing a valid health check document. The document will be valid if the provider is vaccinated, recovered or has a negative test. The document must be available in digital form and presented as a QR code. 
  • All attendants must always wear a mask when entering the venue. Exceptions to the regulation are outdoor locations where the social distance is observable. 
  • all participants must maintain regular hand hygiene. For the task, they can use the disinfection dispensers located in key positions. Such include the corridors and washrooms. They must also observe the proper sneezing etiquette — they must sneeze in the crook of their elbow. 
  • A social distance of 1.5 metres must be upheld at all times. To aid with the regulation, the venue will put in place several changes. These include meeting rooms having a new configuration. Also, there will be separate exits and entrances. Corridors will also have expanded space and floor markings.  

A Brief Introduction

FESPA is among the leading events for the printing industry. It is the main location for the presentation of the latest innovations. Many of the novelties presented focus on the digital and textile sectors. The event furthermore is the central meeting and discussion location for the sector. It is also the main meeting hub for professionals seeking to expand their business. This includes C-suite executives searching for new investments or partnerships. FESPA takes place every year with different European venues as its hosting locations. Among the exhibition centres to host the fair are Amsterdam RAI, Messe Berlin and Ifema — Feria de Madrid. They also include Messe Cologne and ExCeL London. 

Industry Profile

FESPA is among the printing industry’s leading events. Because of its importance, the event receives many professionals from the sector. Such include experts like interior decorators, embroiderers, graphic makers, designers, and producers. It also includes professionals such as marketers, and t-shirt printers. Promotional production makers, and media production specialists additionally visit the fair. Attendees also include signage solution manufacturers and providers, as well as end-user customers. Companies that attend include leading enterprises such as Agfa, 3A, Brother, and Durst.

What Will Be New for FESPA’s 2022 Edition?

FESPA 2022 will feature several event highlights. These include the sub-events  World Wrap Masters Europe and Printeriors.  The coinciding European Signage Expo 2022 is also another highlight of the support programme. FESPA 2022 and the Sportswear Pro 2022. 

The Sportswear Pro will present technologies for on-demand and customised sportswear production. There will be a special focus on sustainability and automation. The event will enable design, production, and decoration suppliers to examine novel wares. Likewise, it will be beneficial for smart textile, printed electronics and accessory developers. 

FESPA 2022 will host Colour LAB’s second edition. The sub-event will feature expanded content, including colour management areas. Topics of discussion will vary from process control and automation to device profiles, ROI and printed product validation.  FESPA’s prestigious awards will have several new categories: 

  • “Packaging on plastics”
  • “Packaging on board and paper”
  • “Wrapping — wrapping of vehicles”
  • “Printeriors award”.

What Should You Expect at The Event? 

FESPA can aid printing industry professionals in completing several business aims. These include expanding their specialist knowledge, making important purchases and networking. Additionally, the fair allows them to study the industry and learn about new trends. They can also opt to gain recognition at the trade fair and raise brand awareness. 

FESPA can aid professionals in completing such business aims via its support programme. This includes a comprehensive exhibition which showcases digital, textile, and screen printing innovations. The exhibition enables experts to observe the newest novelties and trends. It furthermore allows them to conduct business on site, including making important purchases. The exhibition also promotes networking, including professionals being able to form new partnerships. Furthermore, the sub-event allows gaining recognition, which can be invaluable for start-ups. 

Professionals can also gain recognition through other means while attending FESPA. These include the various competitions and awards included in the support programme. Among the leading competitions is the World Wrap Masters Europe. It is a competition comprised of various training workshops, an international contest and demonstrations. The competition enables experts to present before an audience their creativity and innovation. For the task, they can take part in the contest and create novel and inventive wrap installations. The demonstrations and workshops feature leading wrap instructors providing information on different topics. This can include means to create sustainable wrap installations and others. Each speaker provides advice by sharing their experiences and knowledge with the attendees. 

The Printeriors is another event of interest hosted at FESPA. It is an event that gathers the interior design and decoration printing community. This includes professionals such as printers, designers, and manufacturers. All presented wares at the Printeriors are bespoke. This is due to them being created by using 2 or more technologies presented at the Global Print Expo. Global Print Expo showcases new cutting, printing, film and vinyl manufacturing machines. The Expo enables professionals to examine novel equipment pieces. 

FESPA can be beneficial for several industries. The sectors that should opt to attend are media production, marketing, advertising, printing, and paper. Embroiderers, graphic makers, graphic producers, and graphic designers should consider attending the fair. Promotional production makers, interior decorators, T-shirt printers, marketers, and print technicians should likewise attend. Design managers, print managers/operators, and digital press operators should attend as well. So should design managers and production supervisors. 

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Logistic Details

FESPA is an annual trade show which takes place for 4 days. at different venues for 4 days. FESPA Ltd organises the trade fair at a different venue every year. Hosting sites include Messe Berlin, Amsterdam RAI, and Messe Cologne. They also include IFEMA - Feria de Madrid, and ExCeL London. The visiting hours for the event during the initial 3 days is between 10 am and 6 pm. On the fourth day, attendees can visit between 10 am and 3 pm. 

All venues where FESPA has or will take place are easy to access. For instance, each venue has extensive public transport links. Such connections allow you to reach Messe Cologne in 21 minutes from the airport. Likewise, they enable you to access Msse Berlin in 35 to 40 minutes from the terminal. You can also access Messe Cologne in 11 minutes via public transport from the central station. Using public transport also allows you to reach Messe Berlin in 15 minutes from the railway station. Amsterdam RAI is likewise easy to access as Schiphol airport is accessible in 17 minutes by bus. This also applies to the city’s central railway station which is a 10-minute metro commute. 

Each hosting city is a large metropolis and popular tourist destination. As a result, each FESPA city has an extensive public transport system and is easy to navigate. For instance, reaching Berlin's city centre from the airport via bus will take 40 minutes. The bus routes also allow reaching cities such as Oranienburg in 28 minutes from the city centre. All streets and public transport stations within the hosting cities have a name. Additionally, the transport stations include detailed route maps. There are also information kiosks where you can buy a detailed map of the city. 

Each of FESPA’s hosting cities has extensive dining and accommodation options. For instance, you can opt to book a hotel, hostel, apartment or guest house in Berlin, Amsterdam or Cologne. Visitors can choose between different types of eateries as well. Among them are bistros, bars, clubs, restaurants and markets. When considering where to stay, opt for neighbourhoods such as Amsterdam's Plantage district. When staying in Berlin consider popular areas such as Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg.

Statistics and Target Audiences

FESPA receives a large and diverse group of participants during its hosting. Often, the fair’s editions receive over 600 exhibitors and 18000 visitors. For instance, the 2018 edition featured over 20 000 visitors and 700 exhibitors. More than 100 countries attend FESPA. Such include nations such as Belgium, China, and France. They also include Germany, Italy, South Korea, and the Netherlands. Spain, Turkey, the UK, and the USA also attend.Several industries attend the fair. This includes the marketing, printing, advertising, media production and paper sectors. 

Past Editions 


The 2021 edition of FESPA signalled the printing industry’s successful restart. It occurred at Amsterdam RAI as a live exhibition between the 12th and 15th of October 2021. The venue included strict Covid-19 prevention measures such as mandatory mask wearing. Over 100 countries attended including Spain, Poland, Germany, the UK and France. The event featured 7850 unique visitors.