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14.09.2022 - 17.09.2022
Country: Germany
City: Nurnberg
Industry: Agriculture, Horticulture, Gardening


GaLaBau is the international trade fair for urban green design, which is equal parts of presentations of current themes and a product trade show with equipment and tools for basic gardening done simple. The event lasts for four days usually in September with over 1150 exhibitors confirmed to present their very best. Organizers expect for over 62,000 trade visitors to make their way to Nuremberg, Germany,  so plan your business trip as early as possible with the services of Go Fair ltd. 

Go Fair ltd has experience working with professionals on the road and has developed a large database of hotels in Nuremberg, Germany, so you can be sure you have multiple options for hotel rooms across the whole city. We work with hotels of all sizes and location to ensure we always have a high quality offer tailored to your specific needs and standards. You can check in a room that is positioned in a quieter area of the city or perhaps in the general vicinity of the GaLaBauexhibition centre.