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Upcoming Dates

24.08.2022 - 28.08.2022
Country: Germany
City: Köln
Industry: Children, Toy, Games


Gamers and gaming professionals will have to log onto gamescom 2021 from their homes since the massive gaming convention will be held digitally. Koelnmesse GmbH has recently announced this shift and cited coronavirus concerns as the biggest reason. Due to COVID-19 and the travel restrictions worldwide, there’s just too many uncertainties to be able to host a live event safely and get the numbers needed.

The dates remain the same (August 25th until August 28th), but what’s new is the improved central platform and digital resources aimed at B2B and B2C channels. The organisers are hopeful that by August 2022 they’ll be able to host a physical edition, because that’s how collaboration and business happen naturally. 

A Brief Overview

Gamescom is the must-see trade fair for digital gaming and entertainment hosted in Europe and each edition proves just how much gaming has grown as an industry, not only financially but also culturally. A perfect mix of professional visitors and enthusiastic fans create a dynamic atmosphere each year in Cologne and to show you just how much of a global phenomenon this event is, we will show you the size of the audience – 370,000 visitors in total from 140 countries. This is one spectacular stage to reach your target audience and network with sponsors and investors!

An Industry Profile

Yes, the product selection favours entertainment and the end consumer at Gamescom as there’s a lot of console games, computer games, video games, media and promotional items to delight all fans. However, there’s also a lot of focus on the technical aspects of gaming – there are booths for repair service, software, hardware, communication technology, cleaning equipment and cleaning utensils. Gamescom further functions as a launch pad for new releases and a tool to drum up interest right before a world release. Not to mention that players have access to indoor and outdoor entertainment areas to further engage their sense of awe and engagement.

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