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Upcoming Dates

17.02.2022 - 27.02.2022
Country: Switzerland
City: Genève
Industry: Automotive Industry, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Railway Industry

Geneva Motor Show

The next physical edition of Geneva Motor Show will take place between 19.02.2022 and 27.02.2022. Organisers stressed that an extensive COVID-19 safety plan will be implemented. Visitor and exhibitor compliance expected.

A Brief Overview

For the automotive industry in Europe, one international trade show stands out for its importance in building lasting professional relationships and sourcing out innovations – Geneva Motor Show. Geneva, Switzerland is the home for this auto salon and sees the participation of service providers, engineers and manufacturers who come and participate in the programming. The show is open to professionals and members of the public, which explains why audience numbers circle around 660,000 visitors per edition from 150 countries. It’s justified interest since exhibitors are set to unveil over 900 automobiles to the public complete with exciting test drives!

An Industry Profile

It’s not a motor show without the cars and as we’ve mentioned above Geneva Motor Show has an impressive lineup for each edition. But that’s only half of the story because exhibitors cover the full value chain that allows modern cars to run laps and burn rubber. There are car accessories, car tuning, vehicle bodies, automotive parts, ancillaries, solar mobiles and electric vehicles, and workshop equipment. Attendance connects you to big buyers from all over the world and gives an unrestricted access to the most groundbreaking technological achievements in the industry.

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