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17.02.2022 - 18.02.2022
Country: Germany
City: Offenburg
Industry: Energy Production, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energies, Energy efficient


For the latest technological breakthroughs in and solutions to the most pressing issues for the geothermal energy sector, you best attend GEOTHERM. The international exhibition is a meeting place for the most respected minds and authorities in the energy industry alongside 180 reputable exhibitors. Attendance is estimated at over 3500 trade visitors. Now is the time to act on getting your hotel booking online, while prices are still low and Go Fair ltd can secure you hotel rooms at fantastic rates.   

It’s time consuming to research the right bookings for GEOTHERM and unnecessary as you have a professional team on your side to do all the work. Go Fair ltd works closely with you to locate the hotels near Messe Offenburg that fit your budget and minimize expenses. This way you pay less and reach the exhibition in minutes – a great advantage. GEOTHERM places its focus on upgrading standards and bringing the industry towards sustainability with its solutions. You‘re also privy to highly relevant information as part of the congress that runs alongside the exhibition aspects and offers simultaneous translations.