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Country: UK
City: Birmingham
Industry: Tourism, Restaurant, Catering & Hospitality Industries, Incentive Travel

GLT Show

GLTT is the international trade fair for the leisure and travel industries with top brands revealing the emerging services and products, unveiling the hottest new travel destinations and take charge of the trends. The event takes place in Birmingham, UK, with top travel companies participating. Organizers expect for thousands to attend, so secure your hotel accommodation in the early stages of planning your business trip with Go Fair ltd to advise you on the best hotels for GLTT. 

It’s simple to book a hotel room through Go Fair ltd – send us your requirements and we give you a list with suitable offers that match your needs. Our service caters to every taste and budget on the market. Whether you want to retreat to a smaller hotel in a more relaxed area in the city or position yourself in the general vicinity of the GLTT exhibition centre, the possibilities with hotels in Birmingham are endless. You receive swift bespoke service that tailors your business trip just the way you want. 

Give your visit to GLTT a great head start with Go Fair ltd in charge of your travel arrangements.