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Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam
Industry: Broadcast, Multimedia


It’s full steam ahead for IBC 2021. The electronic media, broadcasting, and entertainment industry fair and its parallel conference will play out at new dates: 03-06.12.2021. The event will continue in in-person format at the Amsterdam RAI in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Visitors can expect rigorous sanitation and social distancing across the Amsterdam RAI’s 15 halls.

A Brief Introduction

IBC is an international broadcasting exhibition with a strong pull across Europe – especially when it comes to the biggest players in the entertainment industry. The international trade show performs a dual function – it’s at the forefront of innovation in electronic media, entertainment technology and content, and a potent environment to broker high-priced deals. The annual event is hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the turnout is impressive. You have over 1700 exhibitors showcase at the exhibition, while the audience has swelled to upwards of 77,000 trade visitors. It’s the ideal environment to see all the major players in Europe and beyond in one place!

An Industry Profile

We can’t talk about IBC without talking about technologies and solutions first. The trade show has a comprehensive product portfolio, which actualizes every year keeping its pace with innovations and cutting-edge applications. We are talking cable TV, television technology, audio broadcast transmitters, broadcast technology, television transmitters, satellite TV equipment and lighting technology. Outside the product displays and demonstrations, the program focuses on a sizeable list of topics content acquisition, live production, post production & VFX, augmented reality, virtual reality, storytelling and studio production. Another incredible resource for insiders is the famous IBC Conference that has over 400 speakers address how the industry and culture change.

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