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Country: Germany
City: Kassel
Industry: Logistics & Transportation Engineering, Handling Operations, Storage


IFBA presents industry insiders with the latest technological advancements in disaster control and emergency management as well as the newest models of emergency vehicles. All this is happening in Germany and organizers predict a swell in attendance from both exhibitors and visitors. The international trade fair is almost here and you need bookings for IFBA right now! Catch the best deals from Go Fair ltd and focus on your presence at the event.

Go Fair ltd specializes in presenting clients with online hotel reservations for trade fairs in a timely fashion. We take in all requests – from seeking hotels close to IFBA to those who prefer a quiet location outside the city centre or who don’t mind commuting from a town near the event. You gain a custom hotel offer that allows you to dedicate yourself fully to this 30-year event, where you have the chance to test out emergency vehicles, network with peers and educate yourself on emerging trends and cutting edge technological solutions. Personal protective equipment is also represented with global manufacturers present.

Don’t miss the chance to visit personal protective equipment IFBA and call Go Fair ltd to handle your reservation!