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Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Industry: Agriculture, Horticulture, Gardening

International Green Week

International Green Week concerns itself with the global food, agriculture and horticulture sectors with top manufacturers, brands and engineers at the foreground with technological innovations and scientific breakthroughs on display. Become a part of the event in Berlin, Germany, that runs for ten whole days. Thousands are expected to attend so be the first in the race for suitable hotel accommodation and trust Go Fair ltd to provide you with the very best. 

Go Fair ltd offers you a travel service that’s easy to customize according to your preferences and specifications. Years in the business travel sector has introduced us to a rich diversity of professionals on the road and that has helped us develop a vast network of hotels in Berlin. There is something for everyone and finding the perfect hotels for International Green Week will take under an hour to accomplish. You check in a hotel, guestroom or apartment that spares your budget, locates you where you want to be (either close to the International Green Week grounds or in a neighborhood where you can relax) and connects you to local public transport.