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Country: USA
City: Las Vegas
Industry: Telecommunications, Computers Networks, Internet & Intranet


Information technology is only speeding up as application and mobile devices continue their rapid rise and domination over the world. Learn all there is to learn about this world by going to Interop – an international trade fair with a keen following. Las Vegas, USA, plays host to this event, which is set to hit new records for attendance. Reach the next level in your IT career by attending and have Go Fair ltd secure your bookings for Interop in no time. We have the best prices!

Go Fair ltd has provided hotel accommodation for trade fair for years and we’ve established a presence all over the world. Tell us what you need in terms of hotel rooms – number, personal taste and your ideal price range. We take this information to find you your dream room. In the end, you’re comfortable, well-rested and energized to fully participate at Interop . The event will take a look at the necessity for robust networking in the wake of ever connecting smart devices. Network infrastructure is the new buzzword and you’ll see firsthand solutions and protocols from renowned companies and startups alike!