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Country: Belgium
City: Kortrijk
Industry: Food & Beverage, Wines





Interested in what’s happening in the potato, fruit and vegetables sector, visit the INTERPOM PRIMEURS 2018 international trade fair that preoccupies itself with organic manufacturing, the best practices in raising better produce and available solutions on the market. Over 260 exhibitors come to Kortrijk, Belgium to showcase their very best to an audience that exceeds 17,000 trade visitors for three days between November 25th and November 28th. Avoid all the people competing for hotel rooms and leave your trip’s planning to Go Fair ltd. 

Go Fair ltd has experience working on commissions for travelling businesspeople and as a result have developed a network of hotels in Kortrijk that span every price categories. This allows us to find suitable hotels for INTERPOM PRIMEURS 2018 that meet all your needs in no time. You chose where you will be positioned – close to the exhibition centre or within the picturesque part of the city where you can properly unwind. Either way, you still save on your business expenses and gain access to public transportation for extra mobility. 

Your business trip to INTERPOM PRIMEURS 2018 can be a smash hit with Go Fair ltd in charge of your accommodation.