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10.04.2022 - 12.04.2022
Country: Germany
City: Stuttgart
Industry: Food & Beverage, Wines

Intervitis Interfructa

With a wide range of products from water and juice to wine, Intervitis Interfructa has transformed itself into a must-attend event for the viniculture and beverage industry. The international exhibition is going to be hosted in Stuttgart, Germany to much funfair. For the first time ever, special crops are introduced into the event, guaranteeing a spike in attendance and an increased number of exhibitors who wish to grow their network. Act fast before all hotels near Messe Stuttgart are booked and get your hotel booking online today from Go Fair ltd.

Bookings for Intervitis Interfructa are aplenty but finding the right fit is what takes time, effort and energy. Go Fair ltd spares you all the hassle and allows you to focus on your attendance. The right room, especially the closer you come to the event, gets you close to clients, partners and experts. Intervitis Interfructa accumulates a great crowd: wine and champagne producers, winegrowers, fruit distilleries, spirits producers, fruit farms, fruit producers, fruit juice bottler and fruit juice concentrates, fruit for marketers. In addition, the event presents the latest technological advancements and best practices across the entire supply chain.