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Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul
Industry: Children, Toy, Games


What are the toys and games that will take over the shelves in the upcoming years? What are the trends in marketing, packaging and toy design? KIDS TURKEY hosted in Istanbul, Turkey gives you answers for its region and present visitors with the opportunity to break into new markets. The international trade fair kicks off on October 3rd and wraps up on October 6th with the expected participation of 120 exhibitors and over 8500 visitors. Don’t wait until all the hotels close to KIDS TURKEY are booked and make the first step.

Go Fair ltd is there to assist you and make the organization process effortless! Bookings for KIDS TURKEY are easy to come by when you have our experienced team on the job. Go Fair ltd specializes in the online hotel reservation for trade fairs sector with an extensive database of hotels in Istanbul. With our help, you cut down on your commute and your travel expenses. KIDS TURKEY breaks down in 14 product groups, which include everything from the classics to modern animatronic toys. Buyers have an easy way to close in exceptional deals and strengthen existing partnerships. Be a star with accommodation from Go Fair ltd.