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Upcoming Dates

08.11.2022 - 09.11.2022
Country: Sweden
City: Göteborg
Industry: Logistics & Transportation Engineering, Handling Operations, Storage


COVID Report

The coronavirus pandemic has made it unsafe to host trade shows in Sweden and the Public Health Agency of Sweden has placed numerous restrictions on live events. That’s why the Logistik & Transport 2021 has been cancelled in favor of November, 2022. Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg, Sweden will welcome transport and logistics professionals on November 8th and November 9th amidst the best COVID-19 protective measures.

Digital offers and resources have done a lot to help industries stay connected, but Svenska Mässan Stiftelse is adamant that there’s no substitute to trade shows and exhibitions that can deliver the same results. It will take time, but the events industry will get back on track, and when it does we’ll be here to help you travel around the world.

LOGISTIK AND TRANSPORT is the international logistics and transport exhibition that brings together major exhibitors from all sectors, covering air, water and land transport options. The event takes place in Sweden, with a program that promises both discussions and demonstrations for three days. Thousands are expected to attend, so make sure you have made your online hotel reservations as early as you can with the help of Go Fair ltd. 

Go Fair ltd has been working with professionals on the road and provides a service that allows you to find the best hotels for LOGISTIK AND TRANSPORT in less than an hour. You tell us what you need in your accommodation and we curate a list with all suitable hotels that meets all your requirements. We work with numerous establishments and can locate you in hotels near Svenska Mässan for shorter commutes or guesthouses in quiet areas where you can rest. In the end, you check in a hotel room that saves you money on your travel expenses and connects you to major transport hubs in the city for extra mobility.