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Country: UK
City: London
Industry: Marketing, PR & Advertising, Selling, Franchising

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Festival of Marketing – A Brief Introduction

Within UK’s marketing industry, one trade fair and conference stands out at the go-to networking platform for marketers at the height of their careers and that event is Festival of Marketing. This is the event that brings in only top-tier professionals engaged in managerial positions and above – a total of 82% out of 5000 trade delegates. That’s a remarkable quality of visitors. Proceedings are held at the Tobacco Deck in London, UK and more than 250 speakers are scheduled in every year to deliver talks and share their expertise. Festival of Marketing is an annual benchmark for the UK sector and is not to be missed.

An Industry Profile

How has Festival of Marketing achieved such high status? The exhibition space is divided into 12 specialist stages, where lectures, debates and workshops run simultaneously generating 150 hours of exclusive content visitors do not get to experience anywhere else in the world. Certainly a feat for just two days. Festival of Marketing is on the edge of innovation and always looking into the future and there are engagement pods, where visitors will acquaint themselves with what’s new in marketing tools and strategies. The technical profile of the event is broad - marketing and selling, Internet and Intranet, teleworking and teleservices, retail and shop fitting equipment.

Go Fair Takes You There

Go Fair turns a good business trip into a resounding success through carefully selected hotel rooms. Make your hotel booking online for Festival of Marketing in a manner of hours and enjoy saving on your travel budget. We work at every price point and can handle a stricter budget just as easily as we can deliver high-class accommodation. London is one of the cities we know best and you can count on Go Fair ltd to secure hotels in the near vicinity of Tobacco Dock for a commute that doesn’t take more than a few minutes.