Upcoming Dates

Country: Spain
City: Madrid
Industry: Applied Computer, Industrial Engineering





MATELEC 2018 specializes in the latest technological innovations in electrical engineering and electronics and serves as a large market for components and product launches. Come to Madrid, Spain to appreciate the full diversity of product groups represented by more than 600 exhibitors. The international trade fair will last for four days starting November 13th and ending on November 16th. You might think there’s time to sort out your bookings for MATELEC 2018, but it’s best to start early. Go Fair ltd knows all the great deals!

MATELEC 2018 has assumed the position as the leading trade show for Southern Europe. It’s where exhibitors come to launch products, generate sales and establish new partnerships. The product categories represented are electrical installations, electric vehicles, medium voltage solution, telecom & networks, electrical engineering components and equipment. It’s why you need to find hotels near Feria de Madrid and the easiest way to do is through Go Fair ltd – the true expert on hotel accommodation for trade fairs you need. All you have to do is tell us how many are travelling and what your price range is. We use this information to create a custom list of hotel offers in a single business day!