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03.05.2022 - 05.05.2022
Industry: Health Professionals, Medical Equipment and Technologies

Medtec LIVE

Medtec LIVE is the leading international exhibition for innovations, excellence and scientific breakthroughs in the field of medical equipment. Held in Stuttgart, Germany, the event sees over 6000 medical professionals participate in the three-day event. If you want to book cheap hotel rooms before anyone else, it’s best you turn to Go Fair ltd.

Go Fair ltd works with all manners of residences and hotels in Stuttgart and secure you online hotel reservations for trade fairs that save on your travel expenses. You specify an ideal price range and preference in location. You want to be within walking distance from the action? In a single day, you get all the good offers on hotels near Messe Stuttgart. We can also position you in the outskirts where you can rest and benefit from excellent public transport links. Medtec LIVE is the place to introduce yourself to the future of medical equipment and make a name for yourself through the yearly Start-up Academy.

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