Country: Switzerland
City: Basel
Industry: Food Processing, Packaging Industry





How have regulations, practices and standards changed in the food processing sector and meat industry in particular? What are the current innovations and products gaining popularity with target audiences? MEFA 2021 has answers to these questions, so join more than 6000 other industry insiders to Basel, Switzerland. When is all this happening? November 20th acts as the official opening and programming continues until November 24th. When it comes to your bookings for MEFA 2017, you should best turn to Go Fair ltd for attractive rates and deals. 

MEFA 2021 services the Swiss region and the meat processing branch, but has been steadily cementing its reputation as a world-class event gaining exhibitors from different countries with each edition. All major sectors are represented – raw materials, semi-finished products and specialized products alongside machinery, apparatus, tools, production facilities, meat processing machines, slaughtering, processing and packaging. Take full advantage of the international exhibition with hotels close to MEFA 2021. Leave the your hotel booking online to Go Fair ltd and enjoy a comfortable stay in a quality establishment near the event and at a favorable rate. We serve the needs of small and large companies alike and adjust our service to your specific budget.