Country: France
City: Paris
Industry: Fashion, Clothing, Textiles, Leather, Shoes





Paris, France serves as the stage for the hottest summer catwalk this when MODE CITY 2019 reveals the latest collections of swimwear and lingerie presented from global fashion giants. The international trade show kicks off on July 6th for a dynamic three-day program that ends on July 8th. Currently, the numbers stand at 400 exhibitors and 14,000 buyers confirmed to arrive in early July. Are you among them? Go Fair ltd can help you get booking for MODE CITY 2019 at prices you want. It’s easy and swift! 

Go Fair ltd has been handling booking for international trade shows for several years now and in the process, we’ve established a network of hotels in and surrounding Paris. All we need from you is the number of travelers, a price cap and preference towards the location whether it’s hotels close to MODE CITY 2019 you want or not. From there on, we follow your orders to the last detail. 

You need the best accommodation to make the most out of the event. This year’s Trends Conference promises a large and animated turnout. Guests will also hear talks on everything from improving customer experience in the retail area to insights into new lifestyles.