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Upcoming Dates

11.11.2021 - 14.11.2021
Country: Germany
City: Essen
Industry: Consumer Goods


Essen, Germany, finds itself once again the host for MODE - HEIM - HANDWERK – a crucial international trade fair where the latest trends in consumer goods are presented in one place. Activities kick off on November 9th and continue on for nine days until November 17th with more than 140,000 visitors projected to make an appearance. What this means for you is that hotels near Messe Essen are going to be hard to find, unless you have Go Fair ltd to show you where to look. 

When it comes to online hotel reservations for trade fairs, Go Fair ltd is one of the fastest and most reliable service providers on the market. You give us a price range and preferences in room types and we present you with the most convenient deals in a single day. We cut down on your travel expenses and give you bookings during the expo days, which link you to public transport. This way you’re never late and have extra energy to devote to the trade fair. This exhibition showcases innovative ideas across a variety of product categories such as home textiles, rattan furniture vacuum cleaners, vegetable graters and lamps.