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Country: Switzerland
City: Basel
Industry: Consumer Goods


muba is the consumer goods fair that encompasses every product group imaginable as a place where lines debut and emerging trends are introduced for the first time. Retailers and trade insiders all travel to Basel, Switzerland for the ten-day show with thousands competing for hotels near muba. If you are attending, spare yourself the stress and hassle of making hotel reservations on your own and leave Go Fair ltd in charge. 

For years, Go Fair ltd has been servicing business travels and has an idea as to what is the best accommodation for a business trip. We give you access to a service, which you can tailor to your individual taste. You want hotels close to Messe Basel, so you’re close to the action? We can do that. You want to rest in a quiet part of the city? That’s also an option. You check in a hotel room that positions you where you want to be, saves you money and connects you to the local public transportation. 

You can easily find the right hotels for muba with Go Fair ltd in charge of the search.