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Upcoming Dates

02.02.2022 - 06.02.2022
Country: Germany
City: Nurnberg
Industry: Children, Toy, Games

Nuremberg Toy Fair / Spielwarenmesse

COVID-19 Event and Venue Update

Between February 2nd and February 6th, 2022, the Nuremberg Toy Fair will take place. The event will be hosted as a hybrid event. The fair will feature a live exhibition as well as a digital platform. The live exhibition will take place at Messe Nuremberg. The venue will have comprehensive coronavirus safety measures in place. The following regulations will be part of the measures:

  • All ticket sales will be conducted online. All participants must pre-register at one of the designated ticket or voucher outlets. This includes visitors, stand builders, exhibitors, accredited media representatives, and service providers. Participants must provide complete contact information during registration. These are required for the tracking of potential contacts. Day and person-specific e-tickets will be available. When entering the exhibition, attendees must present their tickets along with a 3G document. A negative test result, vaccination certificate, or proof of recovery are valid 3G documents.

  • The proper sneeze and cough etiquette must be followed by all attendees. Participants must also avoid shaking hands. Frequent and thorough handwashing is mandatory. Attendees can use the sanitiser stations set up around the fairgrounds.

  • In all indoor areas, participants must wear masks. Locations with fixed seating or standing areas are exceptions. Exceptions are also areas where there is a hygiene barrier between participants. Negotiations held at an exhibition stand are also an exception to the protocol. Outdoor areas except congested entrance and meeting areas are also exceptions. Standardised face-covering supplies will be available in central locations at Messe Nuremberg.

  • There will be frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces (tables, door handles, and handrails), as well as sanitary facilities. Every few hours, the venue will receive a complete air change. The venue will have a ventilation system with separate exhaust and supply flows for the task.

  • A strict social distance regulation will be in place at Messe Nuremberg. In all areas, participants must maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres. To aid with compliance, the venue will feature several changes. Wider aisles, more floor space, and redesigned entrance areas are among the changes made. Also, new seating arrangements will be available in the forum and conference areas. Distance regulations will be reminded via digital guidance systems and notice boards.

A Brief Introduction

The Nuremberg Toy Fair, also known as the Spielwarenmesse, is the most important event in the toy industry. It serves as the central presentation stage for the latest trends and innovations. It is also the main meeting place for professionals seeking to expand their expert knowledge Furthermore, the Nuremberg Toy Fair serves as the industry's central procurement platform. Every year in January or February, the Spielwarenmesse takes place at Messe Nuremberg. Exhibitors often donate toys to support local social institutions at the end of the expo.

Industry Profile

The Nuremberg Toy Fair serves as a central meeting platform for many toy industry professionals. Stationery, museum, online, gift, model construction, game, and toy stores are among the visitors of the fair. So are game rental, Halloween, role play, and costume rental shops. Retailers of baby and sporting goods also attend the fair. Drug, craft, department, furniture, DIY, and lifestyle stores also attend Spielwarenmesse. The fair also serves as a gathering place for fun, leisure, and theme park executives. It is also where supermarkets, discounters, amusement parks, mail-order companies, and licensors gather. The event also attracts food, decoration, and electronics vendors. Theatrical and nursery/school outfitters are among the exhibitors of Spielwarenmesse. Specialist media, trade publishers, and booksellers attend the trade show as well. It also attracts promotional item vendors, game designers, and illustrators. The fair furthermore draws stationery and promotional item vendors. Spielwarenmesse also serves as a gathering place for licensing, event, and advertising agencies. Games forums, decision-makers in the education sector, as well as social and public institutions, attend. Start-ups, small, mid-size, and large businesses are among the attendees of the fair. Purzmurzel and Bruder Spielwaren are among the local businesses represented at the trade show. Mattel, Hasbro, and Ricochet are among the global leaders who attend Spielwarenmesse.

What Will Be New for Spielwarenmesse's 2022 edition?

Spielwarenmesse 2022 will be a hybrid event. It will include a live exhibition as well as a complementing digital platform. Spielwarenmesse Digital is the name of the platform, and it will include several services. Exhibitors will be able to create digital company profiles, for example. They will also be able to interact with visitors via video conferences. Users will additionally have access to the support program through the platform. The Toy Business Forum, LicenseTalks, and other events will be among the accessible events. A networking service will be available for arranging in-person or virtual meetings. Attendees can hold virtual meetings in private or group chat rooms. They can also peruse video meetings or audio call functions. 

The megatrend “Toys Go Green” will Spielwarenmesse 2022’s central theme. A special zone bearing the same name as the trend will be present at the fair. The zone will have four themed islands. The Zone’s location is Hall 3A, and it will feature four different product categories. “Made by Nature,” “Inspired by Nature,” “Discover Sustainability,” and “Recycle & Create” are the four categories. Toys made of bamboo, cork, wood, maize, rubber, and wool will be featured in “Made by Nature.” Renewable raw materials, such as bio-based plastics, will be used in “Inspired by Nature.” Educational toys at “Discover Sustainability” will explain the environment and climate. “Recycle & Create” will feature toys made from recycled or upcycled materials. Furthermore, the special section will provide background information on sustainability. The megatrend will be discussed at the Toy Business Forum as well.

The Game Inventors' Fair will run concurrently with the Nuremberg Toy Fair. The name of the event will be the “Internationale Spieleerfindermesse — Game Inventors Convention”. The event will feature the latest game prototype launches. The Brussels Hall will host the Game Inventors' Fair. It allows game developers to show off their prototypes to a specific target audience. Editors, agencies, critics, trade journalists, bloggers, and product managers will comprise the attendee group. A networking party will take place as part of the convention. Exhibitors can network with game publishers, critics, and trade journalists at the event.

Toys Meet Books will once again be part of Spielwarenmesse. There will be several changes to the sub-events as well. The exhibition will undergo modification. There will be a consolidation of the Model Construction and Model Railway segments. Also, a new electronic toy segment will showcase drones, robots, multimedia, and RC vehicles. Festive Articles, Carnival, and Fireworks will undergo expansion to showcase more wares. ToyAward will also feature changes in the form of a new category — Sustainability. The category will reward products with a high level of sustainability.

In Hall 3, there will be a new area for service providers. Several types of professionals will be able to display their wares in this zone. Also, it will feature updated presentations of the most recent product innovations. Merchandise management systems and POS experts are among the professionals who can exhibit in the area. Experts in shopfitting and logistics also can present wares. Furthermore, specialists in marketing services can take part. Experts in production technology and consulting can also present their wares at the zone. Software, packaging, and display experts should not overlook exhibiting in the area. Neither should professionals involved in the management of resources and manufacturing materials. Inspection and testing institutes can also take part as exhibitors. Specialist buyers, trading companies, independent distributors, and retailers are among the target audiences. The target audiences also include retail and purchasing service handling employees. There will also be industrial companies, purchasing cooperatives, and trade associations in attendance. 

What Should You Expect at The Event? 

Professionals can complete five important goals at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Gaining recognition and information, networking, as well as conducting business are among them. Also, the Spielwarenmesse allows industry experts to gain a better understanding of markets and expand their expertise. Professionals can complete such goals due to the diverse support programme.

The exhibition is one of the most important sub-events in Spielwarenmesse’s support programme. It provides professionals with networking, onsite business and recognition gaining opportunities. This is because the exposition allows specialists to display their most recent products. It also allows them to network with other experts, thus raising brand awareness. The exposition features 12 product groups and more than 2700 exhibitors. These include:

  • Electronic toys

  • Festive articles, carnival, fireworks

  • Technical, educational, action toys

  • Games, books, learning and experimenting

  • Multi-Product Group

  • Lifestyle Products

  • Sports, leisure, outdoor

  • Baby/Infant Articles

  • Dolls and soft toys

  • School Articles, stationery, creative design

  • Model railways and construction

  • Wooden and made from natural materials toys

Each segment features a range of subdivisions. The subdivisions for each product group are as follows:

  • Electronic Toys

  1. Electronic learning

  2. RC toys

  3. Robot toys

  4. Virtual play

  5. Other Electronic Toys

  • Festive Articles, Carnival, Fireworks

  1. Festive Articles

  2. Carnival

  3. Fireworks

  • Technical Toys, Educational Toys, Action Toys

  1. Technical Toys

  2. Action Toys

  3. Educational Toys

  • Games, Books, Learning and Experimenting

  1. Books

  2. Non-book

  3. Games

  4. Learning and Experimenting

  • Multi-Product Group

  1. Included manufacturers whose product portfolio spans two or more categories.

  • Lifestyle Products

  1. Gift Articles

  2. Textiles

  3. Fashion & Accessories

  4. Home & Decoration

  • Sports, Leisure, Outdoor

  1. Outdoor summer

  2. Leisure

  3. Outdoor winter

  • Baby and Infant Articles

  1. Care & Food

  2. Baby Textile

  3. Travel Systems

  4. Baby Toys

  5. Home and safety products

  • Dolls, Soft Toys

  1. Soft Toys

  2. Dolls

  • School Articles, Stationery, Creative Design

  1. Creative Design

  2. Stationery

  3. School Articles

  • Model Railways and Model Construction

  1. Model construction

  2. Accessories

  3. Model railways

  4. Hobbies

  • Wooden Toys, Toys made from natural materials

  1. Wooden Toys and Articles

  2. Toys made from natural materials

  3. Craftworks

Attendees can also look to other sub-events at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. For example, there are thematic areas that showcase innovations from various product groups. Tech2Play and ShowTime are two examples of such areas. Tech2Play is the main showcase location for the Electronic Toys group's latest innovations. The category includes new models, software, accessories, and other items. ShowTime is a 200-square-metre special area with a diverse sub-programme. Among the sub-events present is a catwalk show where professionals can present new costumes. There are also areas where festive category professionals can show off their latest innovations. Professionals in particular start-ups can gain recognition in such zones. This is due to the zones allowing them to present their novel items to a select group of visitors. This includes leading decision-makers and investors. 

The ToyAward can also help professionals in gaining recognition. This is due to the Award recognising innovations that aid in the industry’s growth. The ToyAward attracts a diverse audience, including members of the media. This provides competitors with the opportunity to raise brand awareness. Additionally, winners will have access to extensive media advertising for the duration of the year. The ToyAward features five permanent and one new category. Baby & Infant, PreSchool, SchoolKids, Teenager & Adults, and Startup are the award’s permanent categories. Baby & Infant is a category for products that target children aged 0 to 3. The PreSchool category is for new products that target children aged 3 to 6. SchoolKids is a category for novelty items that target children aged 6 to 10. Teenagers & Adults is a category for innovations aimed at people aged 10 and upward. The Startup category is for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses. The ToyAward criteria are as follows: 

  • Product concept comprehensibility (Is the product concept easy to understand?)

  • Shop success prospects (What are the innovation’s chances of market success?)

  • Originality (The ware’s level of originality?)

  • Workmanship & quality (The ware’s level of workmanship and quality)

  • Safety (Can the target group safely use the innovation?)

  • Play fun (level of fun the innovation provides)

The Sustainability category is a rather recent addition to ToyAward. It is an addition created to reflect the industry’s desire to promote sustainability and climate protection. Innovations that place a high value on sustainability can compete for the division’s reward. They must meet five criteria to be eligible. The criteria are: 

  • Renewable resources 

  • Renewable energies

  • Circular product 

  • Circular packaging

  • Playing, and learning content

Renewable resources estimate how many renewable resources the innovation uses. The nominated meet this criterion when they fulfil at least two conditions:

  • At least 30% of the material components are manufactured using renewable resources. 

  • The biogenic resource content certification process follows EN, DIN, TUV or other standards. 

  • The origin of the biomass prevents harmful effects such as deforestation. 

  • The origin of the biomass is transparent, including the supply chain, having a certificate that follows standards such as FSC or PEFC. 

  • The website states in understandable terms the use of renewable resources. Likewise, there are transparent statements about production location and standards. 

Renewable energies determine how much renewable energy the ware uses. Novelties meet the criterion if it fulfils at least two conditions:

  • Renewable energy sources generate at least 50% of the total energy consumption;

  • The use and origin of said sources follow ISO 50001;

  • The website explains in understandable terms the use of such sources;

  • The energy efficiency is at its highest possible or the energy consumption is at its lowest possible;

The Circular product and Packaging use the official website of the product or company to determine the ratings. Circular product measures the innovation’s life cycle quality. To meet the criterion, the website must feature at least two verifiable statements. These statements must include: 

  • Use of recycled raw materials;

  • Repairability or lifespan, such as guarantee statements or take-back obligations;

  • Recyclability;

  • Take-back scheme services;

Circular packaging determines the renewable packing rating of the innovation. It meets the criterion when there are statements about two or more of the following: 

  • Use of recycled raw materials;

  • Later use of the packaging as per its material type. The statements must also adhere to the marketed region’s state requirements. They must also include a recycling scheme licence; 

  • Recyclability being material and product-specific;

Learning and playing content estimates how well the innovation communicates sustainable development concepts. The nominated fulfil the criterion when two or more of the following are present:

  • The product explains in understandable terms climate change;

  • Biodiversity is explained in understandable terms;

  • Renewable energies are explained in understandable terms;

  • The product explains in understandable terms circular economy;

The Spielwarenmesse also provides opportunities for professionals to expand their knowledge. Among the examples are ToyCity, ToyAcademy, Toys Meet Books, Toy Business Forum and TrendGallery. ToyCity is a special tour that showcases Nuremberg's toy manufacturing history. It allows professionals to gain inspiration by visiting doll doctors, retailers, and museums. The German Games Archive is one of the places visited during the tour. It showcases over 30,000 games, 7000 books, and the legacy wares of well-known game designers. The Germanisches Nationalmuseum or German National Museum is also among the visited locations. It contains a collection of over 20,000 historical toys. This includes four large dollhouses from the 17th century and one-of-a-kind historical paper theatres. There are also many optical toys as well as ones for girls and boys. Toys from the Reformation era to the early 20th century are also on display.

TrendGallery presents the most important future trends for the toy manufacturing industry. During the event, Trend scouts present their most recent research findings. Professionals can use TrendGallery to learn about important trends and potential markets. As a result, they will have new perspectives to draw upon when developing new product concepts. The Toy Business Forum can also aid them in gaining such knowledge. The sub-event can furthermore inform them about current issues and market developments. They can gain such insights by attending one or more lectures. Each lecture features leading experts presenting their latest findings. The Forum also provides attendees with useful marketing and sales advice. Also, the Forum allows professionals to network with other industry leaders.

In some ways, ToyAcademy resembles the Toy Business Forum. Professionals can learn about retail trade, markets, sustainability, and digitalisation at the Academy. It also includes presentations by international experts, during which attendees learn valuable information. Yet, the Academy may choose not to include any practical examples. Toys Meet Books is a unique area that features various theme worlds. It enables booksellers to learn how to include toys in their inventory. This includes showcasing products that are relevant to the publishing industry. Toys and accessories are among them. The Toy Meets Books Talks also take place in this special area. These are interviews with leading experts who will discuss important bookselling industry topics. The internal workings of the toy market are is an example of such a subject. So are complementary product lines and emotive themed table presentation creation. 

Spielwarenmesse is a trade fair that can be beneficial for toy manufacturing industry experts. Among them are museum, game, gift, model railway & construction, online, toy and stationery shops. They also include sporting goods, baby, role-play, Halloween, game and costume rental shops. Nuremberg Toy Fair can furthermore aid lifestyle, DIY, department, furniture, drug, and craft stores. Also, the Fair can be valuable for park, theme, leisure and fun park managers. Additionally, mail order and funfair business experts, as well as supermarkets, should attend. Licensors and discounters should not overlook attending. Neither should electronics, food, and decoration retailers. Nursery/school and theatrical outfitters should consider attending Spielwarenmesse. So should, game designers & illustrators, promotional item sellers, specialist media, booksellers and trade publishers. The fair can be valuable to promotional item and stationery traders. Spielwarenmesse is a must-attend for advertising, licencing, and event agencies. Social & public institutions, education sector decision-makers, and game forums should attend as well.

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Logistic Details

Nuremberg Toy Fair is a five-day annual trade show held at Messe Nuremberg. Spielwarenmesse eG hosts the event with the help of several partners including NürnbergMesse GmbH. The visiting hours of the fair are between 9 am and 6 pm. 

Messe Nuremberg is one of Nuremberg's most important event venues. The exhibition site is easily accessible by public transportation. This allows you to save time when travelling to the exhibition centre from different districts. There are several bus, train, and metro stations within walking distance of Messe Nuremberg. These allow you to arrive from Nuremberg’s central station at the venue in 8 minutes. They also permit you to travel to the messe from Nuremberg Airport and arrive in 20 minutes.

Nuremberg (Nuernberg) is one of Germany's most populous and well-known exhibition cities. It is a large city with a well-developed public transportation system. Various intra- and intercity bus, train, metro, and car routes comprise the public transport network. Such connections allow you to access local urban communities, such as Erlangen. For example, you can travel to Erlangen in 19 minutes via the ICE509 bus line. In the same way, you can travel to Schwabach in 11 minutes via the RE16 bus line. Nuremberg is a tourist destination with a wide range of dining and lodging options. For example, the city has over 300 hostels, hotels, guest houses, and apartments. Restaurants, markets, bars, clubs, and cafés are among Nuremberg’s dining options. When choosing areas to rest and dine in, consider the Altstadt or Substadt districts.

Statistics and Target Audiences

The Nuremberg Toy Fair attracts over 60 000 visitors each year. The 2020 edition, for example, received 2,843 exhibitors and 63,500 trade visitors. One hundred thirty-six countries attend the Spielwarenmesse to examine approximately 120 000 innovations. Attending countries include Belgium, the UK, France, Germany, India, Russia, China and Japan. They also include Brazil, Canada and the USA.  The fair attracts representatives from the toy industry. It also draws professionals from sectors such as hobbies, children's clothing, and games. Cosmetics, fashion, home, kitchen, and bathroom textiles are among the exhibitors. Represented industries also include electronics, home decor, and others.

Past Editions 

2020 edition

The Nuremberg Toy Fair took place at Messe Nuremberg from the 29th of January to the 2nd of February 2020. The edition was held as a live exhibition, with a total of 136 countries attending. The edition received 2843 exhibitors. They presented a total of 120 000 innovations. Sixty-three thousand and five hundred trade visitors attended the event. The third instalment of Toys Meet Books was among the highlights of the rendition.