International hotel accommodation services

Go Fair Ltd has specialized in international hotel accommodation with a strong emphasis on hotel reservations for world exhibitions and trade fairs. Our portfolio of services is specially designed for business travellers as we consider them a major segment of the travel market with its own specific needs and requirements. Travelling for business quite often is not without its fair share of stress during the planning stages of making hotel room reservations along with the numerous details surrounding your trip. We’re here to remove the hassle and the stress via our flexible services:

Hotel Reservation

When it comes to hotel reservations, Go Fair Ltd is your most valuable partner. We will assist you through the process of finding international hotel accommodation for your business trip that meets your requirements. We give discounted rates thanks to our company’s long-term partnership with numerous hotel chains around the world. In addition, our sales agents will be your personal assistant to ensure a smoother experience.

Airport Transfers

Landing in a city you know nothing about can be stressful, so remove the hassle of having to secure transportation to your hotel with our airport transfers and hotel pick-ups. Go Fair ltd can supply you with shared or private transport from every main airport. You can easily set a hotel pick-up to different meeting points ahead of time – a service, which fits seamlessly in your travel package.

Training and Conference Rooms

Do you plan on giving special training sessions or hold company-related conferences? Go Fair Ltd offers you a variety of conference rooms in different hotels worldwide, all of which are fully equipped with flexible seating configurations and layouts. In addition, you benefit from modern telecom and video facilities with a strong internet connection and the latest VoiP technologies for a truly memorable business trip.

Exhibition Stands

Having a unique and creative exhibition stand is a competitive advantage for every company partaking in a trade fair or world exhibition. You not only attract visitors’ attention but get to communicate what your business is all about and create brand awareness. Go Fair Ltd helps you turn your ideas into a fully fleshed-out design that becomes a landmark during the event.


Being mobile is crucial when you’re on business and need control over your attendance. Go Fair Ltd gives you the option to request a rich assortment of rent-a-car services that will make your day. We have working partnerships with multiple agencies in the cities we services, so you can be sure you’ll find the car that you need to take charge of your business stay. You have access to a large database with brands, models and prices, designed to cater to every budget size.

Sightseeing Tours

All business and no play makes for an exhausting business trip. If you’re allowed leeway in your schedule for the trade fair, then reduce stress by actively exploring the city you’re in. Go Fair ltd can arrange a private sightseeing tour as part of your hotel reservation package which will allow you to experience the local culture and cuisine in your spare time after the day’s event program.