Who We Are

About Go Fair

Go Fair Ltd serves as a leading service provider of global hotel accommodation. Our primary client is the travelling businessman, who feels at home at an airport and always chases world exhibitions, business conferences and international trade fairs. Our goal is a smooth business trip that ensures a better performance at the event of your choosing.

Advantages of Choosing Go Fair Ltd

  • Go Fair Ltd looks after each and every single customer with the help of our personal travel guide to look after your arrangements and enhance your travel experience.
  • Personal Touch: You gain a trusted ally who takes your requirements to heart and ensures you get precisely what you need from your business trip. This is the secret key to our success in the industry.
  • Custom Travel Packages: As we like to say, you run the parade. Your service package is fully customized to incorporate your wishes and expectations. This includes all elements of your stay including air tickets, airport transfers, hotel room booking, rent-a-car deals to sightseeing tours as well as trade fair stands.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: From the moment you contact the Go Fair Ltd team to book your hotel room to your return flight, you can count on us to be in touch with you at all times even during the weekends and bank holidays.
  • Value: One of our primary goals is to provide high value at a reasonable cost. Tell us your budget and we’ll find your dream accommodation that stays within your price range.
  • No charges applicable! No hidden fees! Go Fair Ltd does not charge clients any fees for any of the services offered.

Working in a constantly changing environment, we, at Go Fair Ltd, understand the need to be flexible and adapt to the latest hospitality trends. We strive to distinguish ourselves and offer truly unique customer service accompanied with the best hotel reservation deals and trade fair services. Our success is tied with the innovative portfolio of international offers for trade fair hotel accommodation.

Our Mission:

Go Fair Ltd considers individual approach as the essential part of the way business should be done and this is why we’re dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction in organizing any stay around the world. Let us turn your trip into a valuable career investment!