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Country: Belgium
City: Gent
Industry: Wood Working Industries


prowood is the international trade fair for the woodworking industry, which unveils the latest technological advancements, breakthroughs and applications as shown by more than 194 leading exhibitors from around the world. The event comes to Ghent, Belgium, and lasts for five days. Avoid the near 15,000 professional visitors searching for hotels close to Flanders Expo, where the fair takes place, and leave your online hotel reservations to Go Fair ltd.

Go Fair ltd promises that finding hotels for prowood is a simple process. Just send us your specifications for your accommodation and we’ll return the top matching offers in less than an hour. We cater to every preference in terms of location. From hotels near prowood to guesthouses in picturesque parts of the city, you have multiple options before you. You can be certain that you receive an offer that saves you money on your travel expenses and also gives you access to the local public transportation system.

With Go Fair ltd, you check in a hotel that helps you achieve your business goals.