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16.02.2022 - 20.02.2022
Country: Germany
City: Essen
Industry: Tourism, Restaurant, Catering & Hospitality Industries, Incentive Travel

Reise + Camping

Reise + Camping gives you an in-depth look into the current trends in the travel and camping sectors with more than 1000 exhibitors displaying the most popular destinations and showcasing the latest equipment and accessories. You can attend the international trade fair in Essen, Germany. Avoid the over 90,000 visitors looking for hotels near Reise + Camping and rely on Go Fair ltd to sort out your accommodation. 

Go Fair ltd offers you’re a service that’s extremely flexible and finds hotel rooms that match all your requirements. You have access to our database of hotels, guesthouses and apartments and can find suitable accommodation within your price range. Whether you seek hotels close to Messe Essen so you can dedicate yourself to the fair fully or seek relaxation as well in the quiet corner of the city, we can find you a perfect fit. Finding hotels for Reise + Camping that spare your budget and connect you to local public transport is easy when you have Go Fair ltd as you advisor.