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Terry Olson /Preco, Inc.
K MESSE 2016

What Hotel Herzog lacked in room size, it more then doubled in customer service. The staff went out of their way to make sure we had a pleasant stay during the K-show. The only issue we had was the very small bathrooms, difficult to use.

Laura Chong /YTY Industry Sdn. Bhd.

Hi Mark,

You know what… YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you for the help. Much appreciated!

Thank you & Best Regards,

Laura Chong 

Emma TRACZ /CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D)
K MESSE 2016

Dear Mark, Sorry to reply this late! I have just got back to Taiwan after this long business trip – the K was very successful and thank you for asking. I would love to take a while to give you mine, and my Teammates’ feedback about the accommodation. Overall impression: Very good value for money! Pros: 1. Great location – it took 2 minutes to walk to the metro station and then 20 more minutes on the train to get to the fair. 2. Lots of restaurants and shops around – very convenient! 3. Rooms were big and clean, and we had plenty of space for our suitcases. 4. Comfortable beds, central heating and big bathrooms. 5. We will definitely consider it for the next K! it fulfilled most of our requirements! Having said all that I know you would like to know about the cons. I do not try to attack you, as you don’t run the hotel, but for your reference and future customers you should be aware of the down side of the hotel; 1. There was no internet connection in the rooms – I think it was the biggest problem for us, as we had to receive emails and work in the lobby – the only place with the internet connection. You must know that the lobby was in a different building across the street! So this was not what I had in mind when ordering the rooms – Wi-Fi connection in the room is the most important thing when searching hotels for myself and my Team. The lobby was also a bar and a restaurant at the same time so it was inconvenient for us and other patrons to work there. The staff of the hotel did nothing upon my request to fix the connection in at least some of our rooms. 2. Great location – unfortunately it comes with a price – the area was busy and loud every night and for the whole night, the windows didn’t block all of the noise of breaking glass and drunken singing. As I said at the beginning it was good value for money, and we would still chose this one! Knowing it was loud and there was no internet would not stop us from ordering it, but it would give us heads up and chance to mentally prepare. I hope my feedback was helpful and you will communicate with the hotel the need for Wi-Fi.

Thank you! Best Regards, Emma TRACZ Regional Manager

Stephen Elliott /Mönch Verlag GmbH

Megan Moore was grand to work with... We had on-off-on again hotel guests. She found the highest quality hotel at the lowest price for us in a popular Paris neighbourhood - 5 stars at 2 star prices! Megan also found some great deals for us in other tier one cities as well - low prices, high quality - during peak exposition times. Will certainly use her again!

Hendrik Van Passel /Medic Clean Air

First time I work with Mrs. Megan of Go-Fair and I must say it worked out very good: everything what we agreed upon was done, hotel was perfect for the Conference. 

Hi Mark,

Yes, we came back last Friday. The hotel was good and well located next to the underground and near the city center. To keep in mind for the next Chillventa! Thanks!

Best regards,

Marike Stirnemann Export Customer Account Manager 

Dear Megan,

I’m so sorry not to have reverted to you before. Everything were ok, and the guests found the Hotel very good and in a very good position in respect of Innotrans. Please let me also thank you for your professional assistance even for the last minute request. Thank you very much for the service rendered and I’ll keep in contact for future events like the Innotrans.

Kind regards,


Sabine Roniger /DISCH AG

All went well, we liked the location of the hotel, right in the historic center of the city with many restaurants around, no problems at check in!

Colin Falzon /Ta’Falzon Landrovers Ltd.

Dear Tom,

Sorry for the late reply, everything was fine mate. Thanks a lot for your help, I look forward to 2018!!


Colin Falzon Ta’ Falzon Landrovers Ltd.

Many thanks to Mr Tom Parker from GoFair throughout the whole process of searching for a suitable hotel. The hotel is located perfectly good- just 10 minutes walking up to the Messe, or several minutes by train. The interior layouts are also very good. The rooms are spacious, comfortable bed, shower room etc...A good room service. The only minus there is extremely poor breakfast that really should be improved. 

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