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Upcoming Dates

18.02.2022 - 20.02.2022
Country: Germany
City: Mainz
Industry: Consumer Goods


RHEINLAND - PFALZ AUSSTELLUNG serves as an invaluable platform for setting trends in consumer goods, growing influence on an international scale and generating sales leads. More than 700 exhibitors showcase their products and organize demonstrations. The international exhibition attracts a large crowd with organizers predicting participation rates over 70,000 visitors. Avoid the rush for bookings for RHEINLAND - PFALZ AUSSTELLUNG with the service of Go Fair. We take care of your hotel booking online and cut down on your costs. 

It’s easy to book hotels close to RHEINLAND - PFALZ AUSSTELLUNG when you’ve a professional on your side to guide the process. Go Fair ltd works closely with your to arrive at the perfect hotel accommodation – ideal price, ideal location, ideal conditions. And best of all; it takes us a single day to present you a list. It’s worth it, because RHEINLAND - PFALZ AUSSTELLUNG is a significant event with a focus on technological innovations for the future of the home. One of the most popular topics is energy efficiency and conversation with displays on storage possibilities for renewable energies, wind and solar energy, photovoltaic and solar thermal, geothermal energy and innovative heating systems.